About Us


“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high –Rabindranath Tagore”

Spread in the beautiful surroundings of around 5 Bighas of land, The Modern School, Barmer was established in the year 2007 with the vision of providing unparalleled education that is relevant, sensible and constant. Registered under the Ojasvi  Sansthan which is group of eminent, accomplished and knowledgeable people, our school has always believed that learning is a shared responsibility between parent, teachers and of course, the students! The school is well recognized for its high pedagogic & extra-curricular atmosphere and runs from Play Group to 12th Std along with Science and Commerce streams. We are also open for franchise and entertain enquiry for the same.

Vision – To create Leaders for tomorrow for a Happy healthy and prosperous nation.

The Modern School, Barmer envisages students to be equipped with 4Cs – Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration & Communication so that they are ready to take up any challenge in life.

Mission – Our sheer mission is to help develop students who are best in every aspect. Having brilliant knowledge, lots of confidence, and a selfless attitude, we want our students to become the best citizens of the world who contribute positively and constantly to the society.

To help achieve the same we work on the significant elements called – Thoughts, Words, Action, Habits, Character, /Personality & Destiny. Enriching our students through suitable guidance, we help them weave good thoughts and make them understand how to transform those thoughts into action. Inculcating life-long good habits in them, we help our students achieve a wonderful personality that helps them shape their destiny in a unique way.